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  • Episode 1

    #1 平衡生活 A Balanced Life

    Learn how to talk about all those healthy things you should be doing

  • Episode 2

    #2 名人 Famous People

    Learn how to talk about your favourite celebrity, without sounding like a stalker...

  • Episode 3

    #3 空闲时间 Free time

    In this episode, we have a rap that shows you how to describe all that free time you wish you had.

  • Episode 4

    #4 老师 Teachers

    In this episode, we have a rap to show you how to praise your Chinese teachers for all their great work!

  • Episode 5

    #5 自拍 Selfie

    In this episode we tell you how to admit to spending hours of your time taking the perfect photo of yourself before sending it to your friends.

  • Episode 6

    #6 宅男 The Otaku

    In this episode, find out how to admit to spending your entire life online.

  • Episode 7

    #7 大学 University

    In this episode, find out how to talk about that enlightening-yet-expensive education you dream of.

  • Episode 8

    #8 关系 Relationships

    In this episode, find out how to tell all your friends what they really mean to you.

  • 英国也有中文嘻哈!

    This is how it feels to rap in Chinese!

  • 我们的团队 Who we are

    关键人物 The people who work hard to keep the podcast nice


    The one who started it

    A lover of languages, and teacher of Chinese and Spanish who spent 8 life-changing years in China. A student of all things Chinese, and lifelong admirer of the ancient capital of Xi'an. Now living, working, and occasionally rapping in London.


    the one who keeps things professional

    As Chinese as she is Malaysian, 胡老师 is the one who makes sure we get things done properly, on time and to the best standard we can. Loved by all, admired by many, and possibly even imitated by some, she is our secret weapon whose creativity and eye for detail are matched only by her good humour.

    Niall Lavelle

    the one with all the musical talent

    Half man, half drum, Niall is the one who creates, crafts, and produces all the musical magic. From dreaming up beats to helping people discover their inner rapper, he is the Godfather of the studio. A founding member of Gentleman's Dub Club and a hip-hop producer in his own right, Niall is the mortar that holds the whole building together.

    Maddalena Ghezzi

    the one with all the crazy ideas

    She flourished in a Beijing Hutong with a Gingko tree in the yard. Her love of generating sounds keeps her studying languages and music. Her passion for music, in particular singing, brought her to explore different genres and vocal styles. She runs three projects: FUWAH, Stanza Da Tre and Wells Reflections and collaborates with many artists in different fields. Oh yeah, and she can sing and rap in Mandarin like a professional.

  • 我们的目标 Our goals

    为什么用中文说唱?!Why rap in Chinese?


    Learning a language is a journey. There are all kinds of twists, turns, dead-ends and even accidents along the way. What keeps us learning is the enjoyment, which rapping delivers.


    In Slovak there is a proverb: "The more languages you know, the more human you are". To speak another language, you need to loosen up and change your personality to adapt. Pretending to be a rapper helps you get through the awkwardness.


    Speaking well requires lots of repetition. How can you make that fun, rather than repetitive and dull? By practising your rap until it sounds smooth.

    Independence in learning

    We learn languages to express our own ideas, not those suggested by a textbook, a teacher, or an exam. Get a theme, get an idea, and go write a rap about it. You'll find the words you need in the process.

  • 合作伴 Our partners

    We are a non-profit organisation funded by a charitable grant, which aims to support Mandarin learning in state education. However, our monthly competition is kindly sponsored by our commercial partners.

    The people to guide you around Asia


    With their curated overseas school trips, The Learning Adventure offer educational experiences in the real world, all whilst considering your students’ specific needs and learning goals.

    UK's largest seller of Chinese books

    Established in 1984, Cypress Books is the UK's first and largest portal for printed material on China.
    Since 1971, their Guanghwa Bookshop in Central London has been the only UK bookshop specialising in Chinese publications. With an extensive range of quality books, arts & crafts, art courses, and reading events.

  • 比赛 Competition Time

    Each month, we ask listeners to compose their own rap on the current topic.

    This can then be emailed to us. The best will win T-shirts, mugs and books from our partners.

    If you don't have your own recording studio, don't worry. You can simply record your rap using your phone, with the instrumental track playing in the background.

    Please include your lyrics on a Word document or PDF.

    Title Text

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  • 媒体报道 Our media impact

    我们天天努力啊!We're trying our best...

    London's young people can rap...in Chinese!

    Rapping up Mandarin!

    Education + travel = a natural fit

    Getting hungry while studying?!

  • 博克 What's happening

    近期的事情 The latest updates and thoughts

    Whether or not you have followed the show "Rap of China", this rap from Chongqing is well worth checking out. Enjoy!
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  • 我们推荐 Useful links

    成为中国通!Become a China nerd!

    THE site for Mandarin learners of all levels. All the tips, links, articles and discussions you will ever need.

    Slowed-down audio on a wide range of topics, all read by native speakers. Essential for listening and vocabulary

    You can't spend all your time memorising characters. Check out Laszlo Montgomery's iconic history podcast.

    Authentic articles on China, with audio, all graded by HSK level. You have to pay, but it's worth it...

    The legendary John Pasden of Chinesepod solves all grammar headaches, pronunciation issues, & much more.

    If you can't simply fly to China whenever you need to learn slang, let 白洁 keep you up-to-date.

    Spend months reading this classic book, or listen to the amazing John Zhu re-tell it. It takes it to another level.

  • 致谢 Credits

    Thanks to Fortismere School, SHINE, The GLA, Dartford Grammar School & The Bishopsgate Institute for making it possible.

    Thanks to Ding Jia, John & Jenny from Chinesepod, DAS Bookworks Xi'an & Mungo's Hifi for inspiration.

    Thanks to Huang Hanghang, Grace Xiao, Anya, Tamzin, Harry, Eddie, Gabi, Fiona, Keisha, Dimitri, Lucas , JJ, Izzy, Tom and Mary for rapping.

    Thanks to UCL IOE Confucius Institute & Harry G. for images.

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