• Episode #1

    平衡生活 A Balanced Life

    Learn how to talk about all those healthy things you should be doing

  • Episode #2

    名人 Famous People

    Learn how to talk about your favourite celebrity, without sounding like a stalker...

  • Episode #3

    空闲时间 Free time

    In this episode, we have a rap that shows you how to describe all that free time you wish you had.

  • Episode #4

    老师 Teachers

    In this episode, we have a rap to show you how to praise your Chinese teachers for all their great work!

  • Episode #5

    自拍 Selfie

    In this episode we tell you how to admit to spending hours of your time taking the perfect photo of yourself before sending it to your friends.

  • Episode #6

    宅男 The Otaku

    In this episode, find out how to admit to spending your entire life online.

  • Episode #7

    大学 University

    In this episode, find out how to talk about that enlightening-yet-expensive education you dream of.

  • Episode #8

    关系 Relationships

    In this episode, find out how to tell all your friends what they really mean to you.

  • Episode #9

    9 社交 Socialising

    In this episode, learn how to tell everyone what a social butterfly you are.

  • Episode #10

    环保 Protecting the environment

    In this episode, learn how to tell everyone to look after the Earth.

    Lesson Transcript Coming Soon!

  • 我们的目标 Our goals

    为什么用中文说唱?!Why rap in Chinese?


    Learning a language is a journey. There are all kinds of twists, turns, dead-ends and even accidents along the way. What keeps us learning is the enjoyment, which rapping delivers.


    In Slovak there is a proverb: "The more languages you know, the more human you are". To speak another language, you need to loosen up and change your personality to adapt. Pretending to be a rapper helps you get through the awkwardness.


    Speaking well requires lots of repetition. How can you make that fun, rather than repetitive and dull? By practising your rap until it sounds smooth.

    Independence in learning

    We learn languages to express our own ideas, not those suggested by a textbook, a teacher, or an exam. Get a theme, get an idea, and go write a rap about it. You'll find the words you need in the process.

  • 英国也有中文嘻哈!

    This is how it feels to rap in Chinese!

  • 媒体报道 Our media impact

    我们天天努力啊!We're trying our best...

    London's young people can rap...in Chinese!

    Rapping up Mandarin!

    Education + travel = a natural fit

    Getting hungry while studying?!

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